The morning run on the ring road is always a moment of discoveries and surprises. The other day, as I left, I had at the back of my mind that resolution to place a little bit of green on the terrace as it looked so dull since my room mate removed the rain forest we used to have there as he left for his A/C condo. As I was running, I almost bumped into this guy who was pushing a bunch of small trees tucked in plastic bags and packed on a rick . I stopped instantly. He immediately sensed the opportunity of business. Before I had said a word, he had passed on a small notepad and mumbled: "Address". I wrote my information. Half an hour later, I received home delivery of my plants.  Through an elaborate discussion, we chose the best plants for the site. He then went to get some earthen pot, arranged the whole scene and thanked me with a smile. This is one of the pleasures of living here: Things happen almost by chance, and you can fight greenhouse gases through making happy a guy who does not work for a mega-shop belonging to some corporate group.