Quite an experience spending a week end in the company of peacocks. No need to say how beautiful they look, that part is known. However, they are a few aspects of their life that I came to realize better after some intimacy. First, the way they scream. They start early in the morning, and that noise is quite a harassment. As Lisa was saying, a rooster will do cock-a-doodle-do a few times, and then call it quit. But peacocks are quite resilient in their capacity to occupy the decibel space before dawn. Second, their biohazard production. The first reaction when I saw some of what they left on the terrace was: How come? They are no dogs around here! But in fact, I don't know what they eat, but they don't use all of it, and the portion they dump is quite large in view of their body weight. Third, the brain size. I had to come close to realize how small their head is. I guess that explains the parade and the pride. All in all, enjoy the picture: That may be the best part of peacocks. Apart maybe from what happens when you get up on the terrace: They all fly away in a high profile colourful take off. Beautiful to see, all the more than afterwards, you have the terrace for yourself for your enjoyment in peace... if you watch your steps