Through the discovery of Chinese as a language i end up discovering not only the culture (the lessons on eating at the restaurant), the manners (please come in, sit down and have tea), the work ethics (the endless stories about exams and studies) but also the administration. So today, I learned that there are many words for "unit" according to the level, starting from "ke", 科 as in "里科", science,"chu", 处, the small place, like the one where you buy plane tickets (飞机票处),"ju", 局, the office, as in the post office (邮局) to finish with "bu", 部, the Ministry, as in the Ministry of health (卫生部). Talking of which, "health" is "卫生" (weisheng), which means "protect the life". Awesome, now? Actually meant in the British sense of the word hygiene.


My chinese, so far.
Protect the life of my bicycle.

I`m sure I`ll get better with practice. I am old clay.
Clay is difficult to mold once it has dried.
ha! ha!